An interesting system.
The founders come from Austria🇦🇹

Fridge Grow explained in 10 points
"Since it is a new way of plant cultivation, there are many questions about our system:

1) The system is closed. Yes, really. No AKF, no supply/exhaust air and therefore no fan that drives you crazy and blows the warm air soup into your apartment in summer

2) Humidity and CO2 can't get out and therefore we can regulate it all (CO2 is added)

3) The plants need CO2, light and some love to grow, fresh air is not at the top of the menu

4) The refrigerator only switches on (oh yes, it must work) when it gets too humid or too warm. The water in the air condenses on this cool back surface and runs back to the plants -> saves watering and dehumidifies the system

5) The components are switched on and off via radio sockets

6) The controller has CO2, humidity/temperature sensors on board and regulates the climate based on the measured values, which is why e.g: light works in different intensity

7) The refrigerator is insulated and odourless - think of the stinky cheese in your refrigerator. Because of the insulation the outside temperature is not important and inside the climate remains constant

8) Monitoring, data recording and radio are only local with you... no cloud, no servers, no stress

9) The size of the refrigerator is secondary, because as mentioned above, the control algorithm regulates on the basis of the measured values and creates the climate automatically

10) If you have read so far, hopefully you are already convinced of this system and buy it or inform yourself further on our homepage"

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