We are extremely proud to announce that more then 125 purpl pros are used by Dutch Coffeeshops across the country. The main reason is the growing problem of high quality CBD flower/Hash or Cannabis light is being offered to the coffeeshops as normal cannabis that you are used to buy in a coffeeshop.

The big problem is that you can not see or smell the difference anymore...When it is sprayed with synthetic THC you even get a short feeling of being 'stoned' but this doesn't last long, it can get you sick, it is really bad for you if you smoke this..

The coffeeshop owners that have a Purpl pro in their business use it to quickly scan everything that comes in and refuse cannabis or hash that tests high on CBD and low on THC. This way they can be sure that only the real deal and the quality that you are used to buying in coffeeshop gets in.

Besides that, the coffee shop knows that they can never be ripped off by someone that is trying to sell this CBD flower as THC flower when they have a Purpl Pro! The price of CBD flower is 3 or 4 times less than normal THC flower.