When you are the proud owner of the world's first pocket-sized cannabis potency measurement solution. This is what you get:

- Carrying Case: Your Carrying Case makes your Purpl PRO easy to
protect and transport. The Case is engineered from a modern composite
material and is crush-resistant, dust- proof and watertight

- USB Cable: Your USB Cable is used to charge and recharge your
Bench. It has a USB-A connector and a USB-C connector.

- Mobile App: The Purpl PRO App gives you complete control over your
Purpl PRO system.

- Web Portal: The Portal gives you access to your user account and
history from anywhere.

- The Bench: The Bench is the centerpiece of the Purpl PRO system. The
Bench contains a sophisticated optical measurement technology that
enables your real-time measurement.

- Sample Holder: Is designed to optimally position your ground sample
over the measurement window. The attached Cap compresses the
sample and blocks ambient light.

- Grinder: You will use the Grinder to prepare your sample for

- Calibration cartridge: The Cartridge is used to prepare and initiate the
optical sensors within the Bench also known as Calibration.

All you need extra is your mobile phone, an internet connection and a lot of buds to test!