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Cannabis news
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Thailand🇹🇭-- The cabinet on Tuesday approved in principle a Public Health Ministry proposal to amend the Narcotics Act to allow patients, medical practitioners and traditional healers to grow cannabis for medical and commercial purposes. Deputy government spokeswoman Traisulee Traisoranakul s... (More)
The consequences of labeling CBD a narcotic: Q&A with German lawyer Kai-Friedrich Niermann A cloud of uncertainty has settled over Europe’s CBD industry after the European Union’s executive body said it had taken the preliminary view that cannabidiol extracted from... (More)
Thailand’s ailing economy, particularly its tourism and agriculture sectors, is poised to get a boost from new rules that ease the private cultivation and sale of medical marijuana. “Thailand is already a tourist destination for many foreigners, and marijuana will... (More)
About 50 companies filled out novel foods applications for their CBD products before EC paused its review to get feedback from applicants by September about its preliminary view. Unlike hemp-derived CBD, synthetically produced CBD would not be labeled a narcotic... (More)