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Issues & Fixes

In this topic, we handle issues that have been fixed or are in the progress of being fixed.

You can also add issues or add the fixes for that issue if you have the solution available.

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When you want to register a device and it keeps asking to tap ''register'' after you have done this already. The device is registered to another account. The other account should go to ''my devices'' and push DEREGISTER. This is... (More)
In this post, we can find basic error messages/general problems and their fixes. This post will be upgraded every time we if find a solution for an issue. You can comment in this post for something that is not yet... (More)
Purpl Scientific has released a firmware fix to improve device battery life: ´´The device does lose charge over time, even when the device is off. Initially, we thought that the device would be used mostly while plugged in. Our aim... (More)
When your letters and results are mixed up as shown in the picture below the solution is resetting your font settings. You probably put the font setting on big letters the are now too big for in the app. Here... (More)