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Measure Samples
Measure Samples

All necessary information about measuring your samples.

link to demo video by audiokush 

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Results of the Sweet Zkittlez by RoyalQueenSeeds . Have a Blessed week 🙏 💚💛❤ 💪 🕉🌱
How to take your first Measurement: 1: Fill the Sample Holder level with the top with flower from the Grinder. 2: Compress and cover the sample with the rubber Tamper attached to the Sample Holder. 3: Tap "Measure Now" in... (More)
HOW DO I GET THE MOST CONSISTENT RESULTS? First, make sure you operate the Purpl PRO according to its instructions—they’re fairly straightforward but must be done carefully as the Purpl PRO is still a scientific testing device. Grinding a flower... (More)
Why do I have to grind my sample? Can’t I use an intact flower? Grinding the sample homogenizes what is a very non-homogeneous natural product, for maximum accuracy. Placing an intact flower in the Sample Holder may yield an accurate... (More)