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Purpl Pro
Purpl Pro


Turn your phone into a lab-accurate tester for potency and more. The Purpl PRO puts FDA-endorsed technology in the palm of your hand for easy answers, anywhere. Simply pair Purpl PRO with an iOS or Android phone and you’re ready to go.

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Great purpl pro casestudy, 💜 Shane McKee knows something about growing. As the Executive Vice President of Cultivation at Shango – a vertically integrated grower, processor and multi-state dispensary operator – Shane is responsible for making sure that the company’... (More)
When you are the proud owner of the world's first pocket-sized cannabis potency measurement solution. This is what you get: - Carrying Case: Your Carrying Case makes your Purpl PRO easy to protect and transport. The Case is engineered from... (More)
How to Register a device: - Go to the My Devices tab - Make sure your Purpl PRO is powered on. To register the device, tap the "Register" button on the right - Activate the device for measurement by tapping... (More)