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Purpl Pro updates/news
Purpl Pro updates/news

In this subtopic, you can find all updates that are available for your PurplPro and News of Purpl Scientific.


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More Information about the Purpl Pro! "We’re starting this blog for a number of reasons, but the primary one is that there’s a lot of science and technology that goes into making a Purpl PRO work, and we want to... (More)
"Shane McKee knows something about growing. As the Executive Vice President of Cultivation at Shango – a vertically integrated grower, processor and multi-state dispensary operator – Shane is responsible for making sure that the company’s products maintain the highest standards... (More)
Necessary Firmware Update - v0.16.0 This firmware version should be installed on all Purpl PRO devices. Purpl Scientific has recently released a necessary firmware update that addresses multiple issues with how the device calculated dark correction along with various ongoing... (More)
Purpl Scientific Adds Moisture Measurement to its Popular Portable Potency Testing Device: "The +H20 Pack is an optional upgrade that allows users of the Purpl PRO to add moisture percentage and water activity measurements to their test results.Existing methods to... (More)